The Art of Lowes’ Paint Color Range

article By now, most people know the Lowes brand of paint has an interesting range of paints.

The range includes a wide range of hues ranging from deep burgundy to light yellow.

But what about the lighter, more affordable colors?

Lowes Paint Color range has been making a name for itself for the past decade with the line of paints that are available in a variety of hued shades.

These are called Lowes White and Lowes Light Blue. 

These two paints are a little more expensive, but the lighter hues can be found for a couple hundred dollars on eBay or Walmart.

Here are some of the colors Lowes sells for in a few different hues.

These two colors are a bit more expensive.

Lowes white and light blue paint are a great way to add a nice little splash of color to a room, and are great for adding a splash of sparkle to a kitchen. 

If you’re looking for a few of the hues that are actually in the range, check out these highlights from the Lowess Color Range: Branberry, Peach, and Peachy Blue.

If you’re searching for a specific hue, you can click on the colors to see more detailed descriptions of the hue. 

Brenham Blue, Red, and Black.

If that’s not your cup of tea, Lowes is selling a couple of other colors for the same price. 

Lilac, Light Green, and Green.

These shades are more of a mix of light greens and dark greens, but if you’re a fan of bright hues, you may want to check out the Lime green paint. 

Titanium, Light Blue, and Blue.

This is the lightest of the bunch, and it comes in three different hued colors: Light Blue/Green, Light Purple/Blue, and Dark Blue/Dark Green. 

You can find all of these colors in Lowes paints for about $50, but for a little extra, you could check out Lowes Bright Blue paint for about a dollar less. 

For the most part, the paint you choose for your paint room is your best bet for finding the best colors to match your decor. 

And if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you should probably look into a few other paint colors from the lowes paint range that you may not have seen before.