A gaga painting is worth $1,000,000 and a plastic paint store is worth a half million — but a Goya painting is more valuable than a paint store

The Goya Paint Store in Pasadena, California, has sold for $1.4 million in recent days after a sale on eBay for $3.9 million.

The company is the second largest Goya paint store in the United States and has a 10-year history of selling artwork.

The paint store has been around for about 30 years, and is owned by the family of the late Jose Maria Saldanha, the famed painter who painted the iconic “Cape Fear” mural.

“The family of Jose Maria was very passionate about art, and they wanted to continue with that legacy,” Goya owner and former President and CEO David T. Ruggiero said in an interview.

The Gatsas were once known for selling the world’s largest and most expensive art collection, including a $1 billion painting of Christ, the Virgin Mary and Jesus in Mexico City, which was on display for a decade.

In 2005, Gatsa owners sold the painting and sold the company in 2014, but the family decided to move to California.

“In the last couple of years we had a very strong market for art in the U.S., and we really had to decide that we had to make a decision, and we had some money left in the account and we could make a really big investment,” Ruggie said.

“And I think we were right.

We were able to do that.

It was a very exciting time.”

The new sale was announced Thursday, and it was announced as part of the company’s annual earnings report.

The painting in question was a 1954 painting of a woman dressed as a witch called The Queen of the Witches.

The sale is the largest for the paint store, with an average sale price of $1 million.

“It was one of those paintings that was so iconic, and then one of the most iconic pieces of art in America,” Roggie said of the painting.

“I think the painting has really gone up in value over time.

And now it’s one of a kind.”

Gatsha Paint Store sold for an average of $3 million in 2017.

The largest sale was a painting of “Catch Me if You Can” by George Miller, sold for a total of $2.4 billion.

“George Miller sold for about $2 million.

He sold his entire portfolio.

And then in 2017, we did an incredible deal with our partner, Jardine, which sold a painting for about a quarter million dollars, so it was a good move,” Riggs said.

The buyer of the piece, an American artist named Thomas B. Wieder, had no involvement in the sale.

The auction house says that the sale was completed in December, but that it has not confirmed the identity of the buyer.

“This is a very important and important transaction for us,” Riggie said, adding that the company is committed to supporting the artists and artists’ families who work to support them and support the arts in the world.

“We are very proud of this sale.”

A museum in Paris, which also sold the work, had previously sold the paintings for more than $5 million.

A recent auction in Germany also sold an “Unforgettable” by Pablo Picasso for more then $10 million.

Riggs has been in talks with a buyer in recent weeks, but is not sure whether the sale will happen.

“All we know is it’s not a surprise,” Riles said.