How to paint your own portrait of Jesus

Paint your portrait of Christ?

Here are some tips.1.

Buy a white painting of Jesus, preferably one that will be on display at your church.2.

Put the picture in the sun.3.

Put it in a dark room, away from other people.4.

Put a big, dark cloth around the portrait.5.

Don’t use a light source such as a candle or a light bulb.6.

Make sure the portrait is dry, dry-brushing it to remove any water stains.7.

When you’re done, rinse the paintbrush, and apply a thin layer of water to the paint, and let it dry.8.

Brush over the rest of the portrait and let dry.9.

When the portrait needs to be re-paint, remove the water from the paint and repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the final look.10.

Use a brush to make your mark, and when you’re finished, brush over the entire painting to make sure you’re not over-prestigeing the portrait, and that the paint looks good and is well-shaded.11.

Remove the paint from the portrait when you are finished, and paint over the water-soaked canvas.12.

After painting, seal the canvas and dry it, leaving the paint in a cool, dry place for about a week, to allow the paint to dry completely.13.

When dry, you can paint over it as many times as you’d like, if you like, but it’s best to wait for the paintbrushes to dry before doing so.14.

Once the painting is dry and the paint has been applied to the canvas, you’ll be able to see the original portrait of the Christ, and you can even use it as a reference point for your own work.15.

The portrait is an important part of your art and you should use it to complement your other artwork.