How to save your eyesight with eye drops

What if you could make yourself look younger with a little bit of eye drops?

Well, that’s the idea behind a new spray-on eye drops, which aim to boost your vision in a variety of ways.

“We think that a lot of the people who use eye drops for their treatment of vision loss are already using them for other purposes, like wearing glasses, but this is the first time they have actually put eye drops in their treatment,” says Professor David Clements from the University of Bristol.

“So the idea is that you’re actually getting these eye drops into your eyes, so that they’re more effective and help you look younger, or at least a bit more youthful.”

It works with a range of different ingredients including glycerin, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin E. “I think it’s a fantastic idea,” says Dr Laura Toulson, a consultant optometrist at the University Hospitals in Manchester.

“They don’t need to use anything that’s potentially harmful.”

And unlike the traditional eye drops used in traditional treatments, which are used to improve the appearance of the affected areas, the new eye drops are designed to help treat both the vision loss itself and the symptoms associated with it.

They’re specifically designed to enhance the function of the macular degeneration (MD) process, which affects between 40 and 70 per cent of people over the age of 65.

MD is a type of damage to the optic nerve that results from the breakdown of the blood vessels in the retina, and can lead to vision loss, vision loss of the entire central vision, and sometimes blindness.

The symptoms of MD can include: blurry vision