How Trump painted the White House for a $1 billion paint scheme

Trump used his company’s $1.6 billion paint-by-number scheme to build the White Houses biggest and best-looking pieces, including the famous Oval Office fireplace and a gargantuan portrait of himself.

The first phase of the campaign, dubbed Trump for America, cost taxpayers more than $200 million, but he painted his own portrait for the next phase and also used a $2 million helicopter that flew the president’s campaign signs.

In total, the president spent about $2.3 billion on paint and other materials for the Trump family’s business empire.

Trump bought the White Palace, the Washington Monument and the National Mall for $250 million, the Plaza Hotel for $100 million and the Old Post Office for $90 million.

The president spent $1,039,000 to paint the Capitol Building, which is now a museum, the White Senate, the Supreme Court and the Capitol rotunda.

The White House also bought a large, new Capitol dome for $5 million.

Trump has said he painted the Capitol because he wanted to be able to get rid of the ugly, unfinished walls and ceilings and “look like a real president.”

But in his first speech as president, Trump painted only a handful of the White, East and West Bases.

Trump said he used the $1-billion-plus scheme to help pay for “big, beautiful things,” including a $5.6 million portrait of him and the Oval Office.

The president painted a portrait of his father, Fred, the former U.S. attorney general, that will be installed in the Oval in 2021.

He also painted a $3.8 million portrait to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.