GMC Sierra Crossover: All-new interior, all-new performance

GMC has made a few changes to the 2014 GMC SRT Hellcat.

The most notable is the addition of a 2.0-liter EcoBoost inline-four engine, which will give the 2015 SRT models its first all-electric powertrain.

The automaker has also made some changes to a few of the exterior items, including a redesigned grille and rear bumper, and the addition, for the first time, of a full-color interior that includes black trim, white stitching, a new center console, and a new front grille.

The automaker also added a new rear seat with new stitching, an all-glass instrument panel, and an optional leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The interior is more than a little different than the outgoing model, with more space, better headroom, and more modern amenities like a more advanced audio system.

The 2015 model also gets a full LED infotainment system, Bluetooth audio, an 8.4-inch touchscreen with navigation, a six-speaker infotaxic, and USB connectivity.

Other highlights include the automaker’s decision to get rid of the optional 4G LTE radio.

The 2016 model also receives an updated front fascia, with an alligator grille, new rear fascia trim, and rear diffuser.

The front bumper is also slightly longer, and GMC’s all-black interior comes with leather stitching.

GMC will offer the 2015 Hellcat in the US starting in February.

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