How to use the Google Maps app in your iOS app

Google Maps for iOS 8.0 is finally here, and it looks fantastic.

In this video, the team from the Android team explains how to make it work.

The app is available now for iOS devices in the US and Canada.

It has also been ported to Google Maps on Android, and is currently available for purchase in the Google Play store.

We also found out about a couple of other features, like new features and bug fixes.

In addition to the new features, we also got a sneak peek of Google’s upcoming Android 8.1 operating system.

Android 8, as it’s known, will be the first Android release since Google’s first flagship Android device, the Nexus 6P.

It will be rolling out in phases starting this year.

The release of Android 8 is expected to include improvements to the Google Photos app, which will make it easier to upload and share photos.

Android 7.0 will also be coming out with Android 8 features, including the new app launcher, and a new lock screen that can be swiped up and down.

The new Android 8 will also include support for the Android Auto smartphone service, which can deliver a wide range of services to your smartphone.

Android 8.x also features support for Android Pay, which offers a faster way to make payments, and new options to control and share data with the phone.

The app will also feature the ability to set up new notifications, and add reminders.

Google also announced a few other big updates for Android 8 in a blog post.

You’ll see a new home screen in Android 8 called “Home,” which will let you access all of the apps in the Android home screen.

A new “Settings” app will make life easier for those that prefer to tweak the Android settings.

And the new “Search” section in Android will allow you to search and quickly access the contents of your apps. 

Android 8 will be available to everyone starting October 31.

You can download the update now for free in the Play Store.