‘I Am The Greatest’: Chris Christie, George Clooney, Chris Pine on the Oscars

Chris Christie and George Cloone were in town for the Oscars when they came across this watercolor painting.

The painting was of the late singer-songwriter and actress Joan Baez.

Christie and Cloone said they had just finished filming “The King of Queens” when they saw it.

“I came up with the idea and it was just a really nice piece,” Christie said.

“It’s a beautiful painting, a lovely picture of Joan B. and it’s just beautiful.”

The Oscar-winning actors were also in attendance for a photo shoot.

Cloone told ABC News he had the idea for the painting when he was on a shooting shoot in the Bahamas in the spring of 2014.

“We were at the beach painting a watercolor piece, I’m like, ‘Hey, I know this painting,’ and it just happened to be a painting of Joan,” Cloone recalled.

“I just thought, well, what if I painted this water color onto the beach?”

“That was the idea,” Clooney added.

“The way the picture was put together was the best, the best part was when we were sitting there and I looked up and saw Joan sitting on the beach.”

After the ceremony, Christie said he had some fun with his friend and actress.

“She said, ‘I just want to know what you think about this picture.

I just want you to paint it,’ and I said, well I’ll paint it, just to see what happens,” he said.