When did you start painting?

I began painting when I was a child, around age 5.

At age 5, I was in my first class and my teacher asked me what my hobby was.

I told her I was painting, and she asked me, “What art do you like to paint?”

My answer was “Wall painting.”

I had never painted before, but it was a fun hobby.

When I was 10, I took a painting class, and I had my first brushstroke.

It was just a big, round, white canvas with just a few lines.

It took me a while to figure out how to paint.

I remember thinking that I really like doing art, but that I don’t like painting at all.

It’s so hard to learn to paint and it’s so time consuming.

I have so many paintings that I can’t even keep track of them all.

I still have to take photos and upload them to my website so people can find me.

In my 20s, I got a job in a museum and had to pay a lot of money for painting.

I had no money, and my paintings were all over the place.

I was getting bored.

I took the opportunity to move back home and start painting again.

The first painting I did was of a horse and buggy, which I still keep in my garage.

That’s where I got my first big brushstroke and that’s where my next big brushstrokes came from.

It has to be my first painting ever.

I started painting because I was so young, and because I had a really good teacher, who taught me the fundamentals of painting.

She taught me how to draw.

She said, “You can’t be a painter if you can’t draw.

You can’t have a painting if you don’t have an art teacher.”

And I was like, “Yes, yes, that’s true.”

After a few years of painting, I quit my job to pursue painting full time.

I became a full-time artist.

I love my work and my life.

Every time I paint, I have this dream in my head.

I see this horse, I see the little dog, and that dog is my baby.

That little baby is so much like me.

Every day, I think about that little baby.

I try to find the balance between drawing and painting, the perfect balance.

I always try to paint when I am with my children, because that’s when I get the most satisfaction.

But I do have some paintings in my room.

My husband and I have a collection of paintings, and when we paint, we try to look at everything in the painting.

We don’t look at the paintings; we look at my husband.

We have a lot more art in our home.

We try to share our art with my kids and my family, so they have an appreciation for the art.

I’m always thinking about the little baby in my painting.

Every painting that I do, I always think about the baby in that painting.

There are many paintings in the house, and we keep them in the same place.

We just paint in a certain order.

I like to be consistent, and sometimes I don´t want to paint one painting after another, so I try not to paint them at all, but I also try to see the baby, because I’m very sad when I’m not seeing the baby.

If I see a baby, I can be really sad, because there is a little baby there.

I think I have had a lot in my life, but not a lot that I have wanted.

I am not a person that likes being unhappy.

I don�t like to feel sad.

I want to feel happy.

I can only paint when the baby is there.

Sometimes, when I donít see my baby, or the painting doesnít look good, I doníst paint anymore.

It feels really good when I can look at it, and it feels good to be able to say, “I painted this, and the little one is in the room.”

I can just go to my painting room and just look at her.

It really brings me joy.

My daughter also enjoys painting, because she can always look at what I am painting and say, that is beautiful.

The art of painting is not just about the painting itself, but also about the child in the picture.

My paintings are all about the children.

They are the reason why I have always been painting.

The children come first.

When my children are happy, they don’t let me down.

They don’t need to see anything else.

They like the art, and they love the work.

When you paint, it is so important to let the children be the focus of your work.

I do not think of my paintings as being about my art.

My art is about my children.

If you have a child that loves your art, then you have your best work.

When I first got this job, I was so nervous, but now I’m like, ‘I can do this, I’m just going to have to put my head down and do it’

A painter, designer and designer is being asked to paint a mural on the wall of a local business in Sydney’s CBD.

A mural painted by the talented artist and designer, Sarah McElroy, was featured in a Melbourne advertising campaign for a new local business called Strawberry House.

The ad, which will be aired on ABC2’s Sunrise, features the words ‘Strawberry House’, a restaurant in the CBD.

The mural, which includes images of strawberry jam, is being painted on the side of the building.

Ms McElry told ABC Radio Melbourne that the painting was a challenge but that she’s now a believer.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the painting, it’s just a bit of an art project, so I’m quite pleased that I’ve got this opportunity to paint this mural and it’s going to be really cool,” she said.

“To paint it on the front of a building that’s a local landmark is very special, especially to be able to paint something like that.”

The only thing that’s really bad about it is that it’s been painted on top of the front door and it looks like someone’s been trying to get the mural painted on there for a long time, so we’ve got a really tough job ahead of us.

“Mural on the other side of door, strawberry jamIn a statement to ABC News, Strawberry House said it would be “happy to provide you with any support you need”.”

We are extremely appreciative of your support and our customers, which is why we would be happy to provide any support and assistance you need,” it said.

The local business owner said he had asked Ms McElley to paint the mural on a wall of his shop.”

Ms McErloy said the mural was inspired by her love of the strawberry jam.””

We’re going to do it again and it’ll be a big hit.”

Ms McErloy said the mural was inspired by her love of the strawberry jam.

“You know the kind of love I have for it, so if it’s something I want to share with my friends, I’ll share it with them,” she explained.

“And I want my kids to know it too, so it’s all about the love, it can’t be any other way.”

Ms Smith said she wanted to raise awareness of the job and help other local artists.

“We all love strawberries, so why can’t we all have a little bit of a laugh,” she added.

“Strawberries are the most beautiful fruit, and you know you’ve just got to take a bite and it just makes you feel good.”