Wall-mounted wall paint sold for £8,800 at auction

Posted October 04, 2019 12:05:00 The wall-mounted paint on the wall in the kitchen of the house in Surrey, England, is selling for more than £8k.

The piece of artwork is made up of two pieces of wood.

The first is a white wall piece with a white background, and the second is a darker red and black colouring, painted brick fireplace.

The house has been in the family for decades, and it’s likely that a member of the family was responsible for the paint, which is currently valued at around £5,000.

“I love this house.

It’s so lovely, it’s so beautiful,” the homeowner told The Independent.

“It’s a nice home.

It has a great yard, a lovely garden, and all the nice things.

The paint is just fantastic, it just screams value.”

The house, which was built in 1777, was bought in 2014 and had been used as a guesthouse for several years before the painting was painted.

“The owner of the home has a couple of daughters, they have had the house for 20 years, so they’ve had it for a few years, and they’ve been quite keen to sell it,” the owner said.

“They’ve put it on a little bit of a pedestal, but I’m sure there’s been some other people who’ve been wanting to buy it.”

It’s been quite a long time.

They’ve been looking at it for ages and a lot of the time, they’ve thought, ‘Why would I want to buy a house like this?’

“The painting was sold at auction at the Sotheby’s on October 3, 2019, for £5.8k, which the seller paid for by selling the original painting.

How to paint a house, a country, a river or even a city

I used to be a house painter.

My first big painting job was in my hometown, in Pune, Maharashtra.

My client was a woman named Pranav, who lived in my village and was suffering from a mental illness.

In the late 1950s, she had a daughter, a beautiful girl named Nika.

I used my own skills to paint Nika’s house in a city.

I painted the walls, ceilings, and floors of the house, using black-and-white brushstrokes.

I did not have any experience painting houses.

I had only seen it done in film and had no idea what I was doing.

When my client told me about the painting, I said, “No, this is a real painting.”

I didn’t know how to paint, and I had no training.

But my client was impressed.

I gave her my full commitment.

I wanted to make her happy, and she gave me the confidence to start painting.

It was my first time in painting a country.

I learned to paint on a canvas.

I was the only woman in the room.

I started painting at 11 years old, and it was not easy.

In a couple of months, I had the first paintings done.

In that period, I did two more paintings in Panchayats, and then I did three more.

My friend and I started to visit places.

I got a job at a shop that sold kitchen paints, and we started doing workshops.

I took the painting lessons of our neighbours and the art teachers, who gave me basic brushes.

The first time I painted a country house, it was at Kota.

I worked on the house with a couple other young people.

We painted a large courtyard, which I painted in four colors.

It took a lot of work, and the paint was still wet, so I would take it to the local shop and paint in red and green.

When I was 14 years old and finished, my friends and I took it to Delhi.

In Delhi, I took classes and got an apprenticeship.

Then I did a small show in New Delhi, and by 18, I was a painter.

I also painted the houses of my neighbours in Poona, Chandni Chowk and in a village in Thane, and did paintings in Chandni Ghat.

It all happened in a couple months.

My clients were very kind to me, and they said, “‘Oh, you will become a great painter someday.’

I was so happy.

I thought I was in the right place.

Then, I decided to do a bigger show in a larger city.

That was in 1950.

I stayed there for seven years, and painted houses in every city and town.

I made paintings in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Ahmednagar, Kanpur, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Hyderabad.

At the end, I painted all of the houses in all the cities in the world, and even in the U.S. They all looked exactly like the paintings I had done in India.

It had a huge impact on my art.

My career started with my second painting, which was in 1962.

I lived in New York City for two years and made about 50 paintings.

My paintings were sold in bookstores, and there was a huge demand for them.

I went to Europe to work on my first painting, but I could not find a studio.

I returned to New York, and my first project was done.

My family was supportive of me, but it took a long time for my clients to buy me a studio and pay for the paintings.

I never painted again after that.

In 1973, I finished painting a large country house in New Jersey, but that was it. I didn