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Easy painting is the art of drawing simple shapes or lines onto a piece of canvas, with the aim of creating a pattern of colours or shapes.


Paint a house, using a paint brush.

If you are not familiar with how to paint with paint brushes, here’s how you can start.

If you are a beginner to paint, or if you want to start, you can use this guide to help you.

You can also find a good guide to painting in your local library.

Here’s how to get started.


Use a paintbrush to create simple shapes.

If you have an old paintbrush, you may need to learn how to use the new one, especially if you are going to be painting large-scale canvases or canvases with a lot of different colours.


Paint using a brush to create shapes.

There are a few different ways you can paint, depending on the colour and the size of the painting.

You can either paint a single solid colour, or you can mix colours.

You should use a colour which will cover all the colours in your canvas, or a colour combination which covers all the colour combinations in your brush.


Paint with a paint sponge to create a pattern.

You may want to make a pattern using the paint sponge, to create more of a pattern, as well as making a pattern around the whole canvas.

You don’t have to make this pattern, but you do need to make it look good.


Paint to create patterns.

If a pattern is created using the sponge, you have to paint the sponge to a solid colour (for example, red), then paint over the solid colour to a mixture of red and black (for instance, grey).

You paint the mixture over the sponge so that the patterns are all the same colour.

You then apply a second layer of grey to the grey.


Use brushes to paint shapes.

Some of the best painting techniques involve using brushes to create complex patterns on a canvas.

If the patterns look complicated, the painting may take a while to achieve.

You will need a good palette and a paint roller, or your brushes may need a little help to work the patterns onto the canvas.


Use the paint roller to paint on top of patterns.

You paint over a pattern by moving the brush to the next layer of patterns and then to the previous layer of colours.

The colours and shapes are now the same, but the patterns will be slightly different from each other.

This technique works well for painting patterns which are not large enough to be covered by a brush.

If your painting is complex, it may take several attempts to achieve the same result. 7