The art of cartoon painting

By The Associated Press WriterBy AP IllustrationBy APThe art of drawing is being put on display in Philadelphia’s Union Station.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art will show “A Cartoon Artist’s Manifesto,” a collection of drawings and paintings by the artist Frank L. Furioso, in a two-week exhibition, starting Friday.

The painting, “A Boy and His Dog,” is by Furiosa’s cousin, David B. Furio, who was born in Philadelphia and died in 1922.

The painting was made for Furioson’s family home in Brooklyn.

“Frank L. and David Furiosos were one of the great artists of their time, and they are the reason for the greatness of the painting,” said Jayne Stoll, curator of the exhibition.

“This is a work that is a reflection of his life.”

In a statement, the museum said it was “excited” about the exhibition and wanted to make sure the artists had a “fair and equal opportunity” to exhibit their work.

It also said it is “working with the Furiosons to ensure that all works of art and other artistic works are displayed.”

The exhibition is the first to be held in Philadelphia since the artist’s death in 1922, the city’s first known death in painting.

In the painting, Frank L., as seen in the painting “A Child and His Little Dog,” was looking over his work as a child.

The portrait shows the two men holding hands.

The art is also the subject of a new book by the same title by Jeffrey A. Smith, a former curator at the museum, called “The Man Behind the Painting.”

The book tells the story of the artist, who died in 1932.

“A cartoon artist’s Manifestos” is part of a series of exhibitions being organized by the city and Philadelphia’s arts department, with the aim of giving the public a better understanding of Furiosof painting, Smith said.

“It will be a collaborative effort between the Philadelphia Museum and the Philadelphia Art Center.

The artist Frank Furios was born on April 13, 1878, in Brooklyn, New York, and died at age 22 in New York City.