Why a company wants to build a tree painting robot

3D painting robots are becoming a popular tool for companies, and many companies are looking to build the first of their own.

The latest, Bowers & Willard, announced this week that it has a prototype of a tree-painting robot that will eventually be used to paint trees.

The robot, called Bowers, will use a 3D printer to create a digital tree, which it will then use to paint a tree in 3D.

The company says it’s the first company to make a tree robot that can paint trees in 3-D.

Bowers says it plans to launch the tree-paint robot in the second half of 2018.

The first robot, which was unveiled in April, was built by another startup called TractorBots.

The TreePaint2 was a cheaper, lighter version of the TreePaints, which can produce a variety of different tree shapes and patterns.

The company’s plan for Bowers’ tree-prick robot is similar to the company’s other products.

It wants to make the first robot that paints trees in three dimensions, rather than using the same model.

That way, it can produce different tree styles and patterns, like the one Bowers has in the demo video above.