What is the point of art if you don’t use it?

People like to believe that art is all about the artist and the story.

But this view of art is misleading, experts say.

Artists don’t have to tell their story, and their work should be about something more than themselves.

In this Dec. 15, 2012, photo, artists work on a watercolor painting of a shark, at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

The Academy of British Art in London, where I am an Associate Director, has invited more than 2,000 artists to collaborate on a series of art exhibitions, called The Shark, for the first time since 2008.

The show, to be called The Aquatic Aquatic Sea, will run until Dec. 30, 2018.

The theme is “shark and shark in the deep,” but the exhibition also includes works from marine creatures and plants.

More than half of the world’s sharks live in the oceans, according to a study published in Science magazine.

The aquarium exhibition, titled Shark and Shark in the Deep, is part of an international effort called “The Shark Project.”

The idea is to show how art can change lives through the art of the sea.

Aquatic art has a long history in the arts, but this is the first of its kind.

Scientists say there are more than 200 million sharks on the planet, but the aquarium exhibition aims to show that the animals are actually a valuable part of the ecosystem, not just the animals themselves.